G’day mates, Kia ora, ¬†Ciao ragazzi, Bonjour les amis, Ni hao, Konnichiwa,¬†Hello world,

This is our travel blog. It should give you an insight into living and working abroad, travelling to new countries and everything that belongs to organizing a trip to a new place.

We hope that you get a good insight into the countries we have visited and lived in. This blog may be able to give you some responses on your travel questions. And if you are not sure, whether you should go abroad and travel or not, you will find your answer here! We are here to help you find your answer!

Right now, we have just started this Blog. So everything is new and may look a bit empty or unorganized. But we are constantly working on this place to provide information, share our thoughts and plans and upload pictures and stories from our lifes. So stay tuned!