Who we are?

We are Jenny (23) and Toni (25), a couple from Germany travelling Asia and Oceania together.

I, Jenny, started to go abroad first, by myself and unfortunately I couldn’t take Toni with me. I was heading off to Australia for my semester abroad. I studied at the University of Newcastle Australia. It really was THE experience of a lifetime for me. I got to know so many people from different countries, all with different cultural backgrounds and different personalities! It was truly an amazing experience and I would have never wanted to miss it. It taught me so much about myself and was the best first-time-abroad experience I could have asked for.

Since then, the “travel fever” or “Reisefieber”, how we Germans call is, totally got me. After living in and travelling through Australia, I knew that I was born to live abroad. Always exploring something new. I am just not meant to live in my home country forever. I need new experience. To live. To learn. To explore.

Toni was not convinced about travelling in the first instance. He was more home-based than me. I have dreamed of living abroad since I was 12. But Toni always wanted to play it safe. Minimum risk when you stay in your home country but also limited experience. I mean, I totally get it. It’s convenient to stay at home. You can budget better, be together with your family and keep up with the friends you already know for a long time.

But do you consider that growth or innovation? It’s nice, no question. The feeling of being safe. But it also limits your view! Once you go out and explore the world, your mindset changes. Not completely, of course, but a huuuge part of it. You might not notice it when you are travelling. But once you come back, you know that you have changed, for good. Some people will not get it, as they didn’t do the same journey with you. They didn’t meet the people you have met on your journey. The people that taught you more than one year of school can teach you (ok, maybe that is a bit exaggerated). But in school you mostly don’t learn the things you need in life. Only life can teach you.

So go out and live! Wander the world as if no one has wandered it before. Take the unknown path that others are afraid to take. Just be you or discover who you really are when you are not surrounded by your clique, your block or your family.

Oh yeah, and it finally made click in Toni’s head. Working and living in the same place for another 25 years or more is not what he wants for his life. There must be something more, the world has for us. And now we want to discover it together! So this is our next step: we go to New Zealand to work & travel. And this time, we go together 🙂