It’s time to leave

Leaving a place is never easy. Especially not the first time. You basically go into the unknown. All you know is where you land and maybe where you stay at for the first nights.

It sounds scary? It is! 

Not knowing what awaits you in a foreign country can be scary in the first instance. But doesn’t all the pre-departure excitement (German “Vorfreude”) cover your anxiety? Doesn’t looking forward to exploring a new country wipe away all the doubts you may have? Aren’t the stories you hear and the people you meet in a different country already on your mind? You just have to leave to meet your best friends that have not heard of you yet and neither have you.

You leave something behind.

You leave something at home that is part of you. You leave all your worries. You leave the past that you don’t want to connect to in the future anymore. And then you sit in the plane and suddenly everything becomes easy. What can you worry about? The unknown is always present. Even in your every day life at home. You can never know whether you make it back after work or whether you end up in an accident (this is the worst case and we don’t want this to happen to anyone). But the point is, anything that could happen to you abroad can happen to you at home. Theoretically speaking, of course.

So what do you fear? 

Do you fear being hit by a car, or more likely an E-Bike in Asia? Or do you fear of losing yourself in a different country? Do you fear of falling in love with the country? Or do you fear that you change so much that you won’t feel at home again when you return? Well these are part of the risks you have to take and I was willing to take them for the chance of experiencing life in foreign countries.



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