Leaving your loved ones

Leaving your loved ones behind is never easy. Firstly, you have to say goodbye to your parents. The persons you have lived with for the longest period of time. You probably leave your parent’s house for the first time to go abroad, whether it is in or after high school, college, university or during work. After living together for such a long period, you finally stand on your own feed. You and the world. You have the freedom to decide what you eat during the day or which places you are going to visit. You are by yourself or surrounded by new people you meet along the way.

It sounds scarier than it is

So, you will go somewhere: Alone, without your friends or parents. But it’s ok, you will meet so many people along your journey. Basically, when you travel, you are never completely alone, even not if you do a solo trip. Now you might think: “But I like my friends I have at home, will I destroy my friendship when I go?” I want to say it like this: When you go away for several months, some friendships may weaken or fall apart and some may last. When you go abroad, you get a good feeling about who your real friends are. With some people, you don’t need to be in contact every day and when you come back, your friendship will still be the same. Some other friendships may not be the same when you return. Maybe because you have changed so much, that it simply doesn’t fit anymore. Or you (both) didn’t put enough effort into the friendship when you were away from home. Along your journey, you may realize who is important and to whom you are still important although they don’t see you in person for months. So, I am sorry to break your rose bubble, but I cannot say that all friendships will last. Even when you say “We will stay in contact every day, as we did at home, just not in person, but over the phone/ skype etc.”. Mostly, it doesn’t work like this. And you don’t keep in daily contact because you are busy seeing the world and meeting new people.

Meeting new people along the way

Sometimes, you feel so related to people, you meet on your journey. But you know it’s just for a short time, maybe just for a day-trip and maybe for several months, depending on what you do abroad and how long you stay in one place. So you enjoy the time you have together, to exchange information about your life. It might give you an interesting point of view on your own life, or new ideas how to change your life in a positive way.

I have met many great people during my time abroad. Friendships that will last, even when you take different ways and live in different places. Sometimes, you meet your soulmates on the other side of the world. And you would have never met them when you didn’t take the chance to go abroad. And it feels so good, to have friends coming from every continent. And one day, you can visit all of them. And you will still speak about the stories you have shared together, when you lived in the same place of the world.

Of course it’s hard to say goodbye to the people at home.

But you will get the chance of meeting more amazing people. And with the people you are meant to be together with, nothing will change, even when you go away for several months.

The hardest part: you have a boyfriend at home

Ok, this is very hard, I can say. Not only for you, but even more for your boyfriend, because he can’t experience the things you experience abroad. And it’s hard for you because his life at home goes on without you. The best thing you can do in this situation it to tell each other as much as possible about the things you do on a daily basis. It’s good to skype frequently to see each other “in person”. And the best is, to look forward to the time where you see each other again, and maybe explore some countries together. In the end, it is just a fraction of your time being together, that you spent living in different places.

I hope this is a help for those who are in similar situations at the moment.

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