Tasmania, Australia

During my Semester abroad in Newcastle, Australia, I’ve planned a trip to Tasmania with 4 other international girls in the semester break. We took a flight from Sydney to Launceston, Tasmania. I planned the trip together with two girls from Germany who I met in Newcastle and an American girl from Iowa who was also a study abroad student living on campus. We hired a car in advance and planned to do a round trip through Tasmania together. We did not book accommodation in advance except for our first night in Launceston. We thought about camping if the weather was good. (But April nights can get a bit chilly in Tassie, as we noticed later).

When we arrived in Tasmania at the beginning of the holiday, we noticed how small everything is compared to the mainland of Australia. The airport seemed to be a private one compared to the Airport of Sydney. It only took us 15 minutes from the airport to the city centre of Launceston, where we spent the first night. As we planned to camp some nights, we bought cheap tents and yoga mats at the discounter “K-Mart”. The next day, we picked up the car. As we knew that Launceston was our last stop as well, we delayed the sightseeing to the end of our trip. We had luck with the car and got a modern Renault with automatic drive. As soon as we got the car, we started our road trip.

Bay of Fires

We started our journey towards the “Bay of Fires” which is located on the east coast of Tasmania. For me this was the nicest beach on the whole journey through Tasmania. The beach was so white and the ocean incredibly blue. As it was late autumn in Tasmania, we did not go swimming in the ocean. For the whole trip around Tasmania or “Tassie”, as the locals call it, we planned 8 days. It was a short time as the island turned out bigger than we thought.

Chain of Lagoons

Due to this, we drove south on the same evening and looked for a free camping area. There were not as many camping spots as we thought, so we had to search for them. Finally, we found a camp ground, which was directly next to the ocean. It was located between “Chain of Lagoons” and Bicheno. The night was freezing. But we made friendships with our camping neighbours who had made a bonfire under the Eucalyptus trees. After the first night, we decided not to camp again as it was only 7°C at night which was quite cold for us. But the experience of sleeping next to the ocean and watching the sunrise over the beach the next morning was amazing.

Sunrise over the beach at the campground

Coles Bay National Park

The next day, we continued driving southbound. We arrived in the Coles Bay National Park where the beautiful Wineglass Bay is located. As the name says, it has the shape of a wineglass. We went hiking in the national park up to the summit of a mountain where we had a beautiful view over the Wineglass Bay. After the lookout we walked down the mountain to reach the beautiful Wineglass Bay.

Wineglass Bay

Eaglehawk Neck and Hobart

The next day, we continued our journey to Hobart, the biggest city in Tasmania. On the way to Hobart, we drove onto a peninsula where the “Tessellated Pavements”, a stone formation in the ocean are located (close to Eaglehawk Neck, on the way to Port Arthur). We also visited a wildlife sanctuary to see the Tasman Devil and Kangaroos. Reaching Hobart in the evening, we explored the city.

Tessellated Pavements

Mount Field National Park

The next day, we started driving inland towards Mount Field National Park to see spectacular waterfalls and a natural rainforest. The air was incredibly fresh and the farn trees looked like they stand there since the age of dinosaurs.

After leaving Mount Field National Park on the same day, we drove along a long country road with spectacular views of trees and mountain. It was a dead end with a massive water barrier at the end. One way took us around 1 1/2 h but it was totally worth the majestic views.

Burned trees
Water barrier at the dead end

Cradle Mountain National Park

After coming back from the water barrier, we drove into the Cradle Mountain National Park and crossed the mountain chain to reach the West Coast of Tasmania. On the way to Strahan, a pretty fishing town on the west coast, we stopped in Queenstown for one night. We stayed in a cool Motel and watched movies the whole night as it didn’t stop raining when we stayed there. The weather in the mountain area of Tasmania, especially close to the west coast can be very unstable. We stayed in Strahan for half a day and continued our way back to Lanceston, passing by Cradle Mountain, as the time had come to an end.


Tassie is a beautiful part of Australia. It is kind of a mixture between Australia and New Zealand in terms of climate and its vegetation. It is very green and you will find much untouched nature. And you will see many farn trees and rainforests when travelling through Tasmania. So it is definately worth a visit, when you are travelling Australia. It’s just an one-hour flight away from Melbourne, where we continued our journey

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