This time it’s for real!

Or “All good things are three”, or how we Germans would say (‘Alle guten Dinge sind drei’)

I don’t know how many times I’ve thought about going abroad.

The first time, I wanted to go abroad in high school, for one year, visitig a high school in New Zealand. I have read so many high school profiles from New Zealand schools, informed myself so well about the country that I could have pointed out every location on a map immediately. I have read books about New Zealand. History Novels that talk about the first immigrants to New Zealand coming from Great Britain.

First try

Firstly, I thought about going abroad for one year in high school. There were always many people who wanted to go to America for one high school year to experience the American high school life that we often see in movies in Germany. But I wanted to go to New Zealand as I was fascinated by the beautiful and luscious green country with its history of immigration and the native people called Maori. I was fascinated by the natural way, the Maori used to live in a country that was so rich in nature and low in population. I literally had dreams about living in this beautiful coutry in many nights. As a high school year in New Zealand is very expensive, even more, when you come from a different country, I had to defer the realization of this dream.

Second try

The next opportunity for me was to go abroad after I have finished High school with my A-levels. I thought about taking one year of before starting university, what many Germans do. I started looking for au pair families through The benefit was that it was not an organization you had to pay for it’s service. You make your own profile, start to look for families in various countries, skype with them and agree to a starting date if everything matches. I had already found a family in Great Britain coming from New Zealand. We agreed on a start date and the duration and I thought, I could go there after finishing my degree. But however, they have never responded to me after agreeing to the start date.

Third try/ Plan B

And like the good organized German I am, I had a plan B or better to say, a side plan to going abroad: applying for universities. I just tried to get in already and see how my chances are. My chances were good, too good. I had 14 universities to chose from, all that I have applied to. And then I thought: “Why loose a year now, when I can go abroad during my studies”. So I did this and chose an international degree with a fixed integrated semester abroad. This was the time, I was looking forward to. I thought: “Ok, now that I know that I will definately go somewhere in my study course, I just retard my first experience abroad.” So, I did that. I started to study and waited for the time where I could go abroad. Patiently, because I had to as I am not the person who quits or doesn’t follow the schedule. And I liked the subject I’ve studied. So I waited for the 6th semester to come, which was kept free to do the semester abroad. Of course,  I knew where I wanted to go: to New Zealand or Australia. Some place most far away from Germany (but this what not on purpose). I was just always fascinated by those countries. Australia was even in my head before I wanted to go to New Zealand. But then it changed during the years. But I’m not picky, I think both countries are amazing in their very own ways!  And so I got Austalia, because I was offered a scholarship to study there at a university. Without having this support, I don’t know whether I would have really gone there. Upon the scholarship approval, my parents were really happy for me and fully supported me in my decision to go abroad. With the support of the scholarship and my parent’s support, I could now realize my time abroad. When I first read the scholarship offer, my eyes filled with tears of happiness. The whole 8 months before I went to Australia was filled with pre-exitement or as the German in me would say ‘Vorfreude’. Finally, my dream came true. It was the moment, I have always waited for in my life. And suddenly it was there. It was inexpressible. I was soooo happy. So delighted and so blessed to get this unique opportunity. I am so thankful for my university and the Australian university, who have made my life-long dream come true and thankful for my parents who supported me in my plan to study abroad. Without my parents I could have never dreamed of going abroad and I am thankful that they have made it possible.

And that’s it. The story how I finally had the chance to go abroad after attempting it so many times.

For every step, there is a time.


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