What we used to do

Or better: The persons that we used to be in Germany.

Of course, we had our life at home, or still have.

I, Jenny, have studied Textile and Clothing Management. It’s basically international business with a specialization in textile and clothing production, combined with business subjects such as Marketing, HR, Logistics etc. It’s an interesting subject. I chose it because I wanted to work international and live outside my home country and interact with different nations. And that is still my plan. Studying this subject completely in English gave me the chance to receive a scholarship for a semester abroad. Did I already mention that it was the best experience during my whole study course? Of course, what can’t be more interesting than sitting in lectures, but for real, it was THE best experience!

After I have graduated in March, I went to China. Oh, but stop, I wanted to tell you something about my life in Germany. You will find something about my experience abroad in another section.

So…my life in Germany

I cannot say that I didn’t have good time in Germany. I got the chance to meet Toni in Germany. So close to the place I call my home. And it took me 16 years to find him and  it took Toni 19 years to find me. But you can count it as 16, as I wasn’t born before so that’s why he couldn’t search for me the first 3 years :D.

So, I’ve spent a long time together with Toni, living in Germany. We came together when I was 16 and still in High school. He was there when I graduated from High school, when I bought my first car and when I moved out to live close to my University. He was there, when I planned my first trip to go abroad, he saw me leaving to another country…But then he came to visit me and we got the chance to travel together to a place far away from our home. Toni welcomed me with open arms when I came back after waiting almost 8 months for me to return home. He helped me to move to Munich to finish my Bachelor thesis in a fashion company 6 hours away by car from where he lives. He has encouraged me to move to China. He was there, when I made major live choice. He has supported me. Always and unconditionally.

Nympfenburg Castle, Munich

So basically my life in Germany has be together with him, most of the time.

Before meeting him, I volunteered in my local YMCA, where I met many good friends of mine. I spent time with the people, talked to them on a meaningful basis and spent my summer holidays together with them going camping in France and Spain and living in a red hut in Norway for two weeks.  It was a great time and a great way to explore Europe. I don’t want to miss this time and it will always be a part of my past.

So, enough about me. Now it’s Toni’s turn.

Toni’s life in Germany

My turn 🙂
I’m Toni and 25-years old. I am a trained IT-engineer, working in a big university hospital, just 30-min car drive away from the place I live. I grew up and still live in the house of my parents and my life was going a really straight and “normal” way. I went to High school and finished it in the 10th grade to start an education in the field of IT. After that, I got a safe and (more or less) well paid job in the same company in which I am working till these day – and I could continue till the day I’ll pass away.
However, there has been one point, at which I’ve doubt that this is the way I want to go on for the rest of my life.
Now, all this is about to change.

Zugspitze, Germany

First, a bit more about me …
I often hear that I am “the technical person” and I think that may be right. I like all kind of technology and electrics and love to work with them. To see how something you’ve built out of nothing starts to work is a very exiting process. Due to the fact, that my father is “joiner master” I literally grew up in a joinery an know how to use tools, work with wood and how to do manual work.
At the age of 9 I got my first own computer and my enthusiasm to digital technology was born and thank god, I understood how to work with PC’s instead of playing games very early. So I decided very fast, that my educational path was going into the field of IT, which, I hope, will help us in our future paths.

Therefore, my life was going very well and got even better after I met Jenny. We’ve spend a huge amount of time together and I really appreciate every minute of it. Which made it quite difficult for me to support her in her plans to go far away for a long time. But I knew why I was doing this.
Jenny is a very open-minded person and she always loved to travel to new places. But the first time I really realized that her way of thinking will never fit into this kind of “small world thinking” how I thought at that time, was as she started her semester abroad in Australia. It became even more obvious while traveling through Australia and New Zealand with her for 8 Weeks. In my short time of living abroad, I have learned that there is so much more to see, to go to, to live for and started to see the things like Jenny did. You may say … I got infected. Infected by the dream of wandering the world. 😉
With this new travel bug and with tons of new thoughts and insights inside me, I came back to my old life at home after our amazing trip. Nevertheless, after some weeks, everything goes back to “normal”, if you want it or not …, whatever “normal” means to you. However, with the time, I started to ask myself, if this is still what I wanted: “When I reach a higher age, what is it that I want to tell about my life?”- Living at the same place, going to the same work every day, visiting only places you already know? There has to be so much more!
Long story in short form … I started to think outside of my own little box which I’ve created over the years.

The only thing that was always holding me back was my job. It was my source of income, financial independence and security. But the more I became able to think outside of my box, the more I started to consider quitting this job, cutting of what holds me back – and now I really did it.
I decided to go this way, of course together with Jenny!

I think this should give you a good insight of who we are.
Jenny and Toni, ready to start our journey!

(… and ready to talk about it!)

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